To a space of Optimal Fulfillment

Too many women feel overwhelmed from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep. And now, in Israel, trauma, grief, and loss weigh us down even more.

My Optimal Fulfillment programs offer women a space to holistically balance their body, mind, soul and spirit to create an Optimal Life.

After working with me, they wake up feeling excited about life and full of energy, going to sleep feeling love for themselves, the world and those around them. 

Only a newbie once - creative learning


I am a creator. This website is part of my research. I work with women on their Optimal Fulfillment in various ways to create meaningful results.

I guide, coach, consult, and conduct programs for Optimal Fulfillment.

I am committed to a world living in Optimal Fulfillment.

You can schedule a free 30 minutes consultation here to discuss the possibility of working together.

Guy Carrara by Yohanne Lamoulère

"One of the most important encounters in my career."

The encounter with Orit contributed tremendously to my work, and will remain one of the most important encounters in my career. Orit’s ability to listen and be in dialogue is unanimously recognized on an international level.

"The ability to connect who works with her to his or her own truth..."

Orit’s vast knowledge in so many domains brought so much to the work. Her connection to her own truth, as a person and coach, and her ability to connect who works with her to his or her own truth while totally accepting the person in front of her, enabled me to ask the right questions and find my own answers.

Yael in rehearsal

"Orit's sensitivity to become the person needed for each different process."

Orit's sensitivity to become the person, human which is needed for each different process, is only possible due to her rich background of performing, producing, curating and directing for many years and her special and warm character. I highly recommend to take advantage of any opportunity to work with Orit.

Tm Weksler by Keneth Kao
Tom Weksler by Kenneth Kao

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2024 New Year's Offer

* Set your Clear Vision and goals
* Create a supportive daily habits framework 
* Get the results you want

Work with me One on One for three months

When your vision is bigger than you it's vital to get the support you need! 
* Bi weekly coaching calls 
* weekly updates
* Personal availability by mail and on Whatsapp 

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