Welcome to my research blog,
a constant work in progress...


A Short Introduction

Orit Nevo Nice Main Portrait Round

Hi, I’m Orit,
A contemporary circus creator for over 30 years, and a daily content creator, aspiring to become an author, coach, mom, an artists’ residency space director, dancer, climber, and a few other things you may discover if you decide to go deeper through this blog and connect with me.

I live in Israel and have a family, a partner, two beautiful kids, a dog, three chickens, and a garden I dearly love.

I’ve been a performer on the ground and in the air (as a trapeze artist) for many years, a teacher, director, team, and project leader, for my own company and other artists and companies in Israel and abroad.


What I am up to now and how it can serve you


I am writing this blog, researching, exploring, and developing physical and mental pathways to optimizing performance for creative leaders and their teams. 

This can be of value to you if you are a creative leader interested in up-leveling your performance in work and life. Developing creative ways to higher performance for yourself and your team.

What is this website?


During this research period, I decided to write a daily curated blog of some of my findings and the evolution of the research. Mostly this is an ongoing experiment in finding what is as much of value for my readers as it is for me.

A vital part of the research is that your engagement is precious for this blog to evolve into something of real significance. 

(It’s also a step toward owning my real estate on the internet and away from social media…which seems to lose its charm lately)

And last but not least, it’s a sneak peek into my mind and its workings, or at least the most fragile, intimate parts I wish to share of it… publishing something of the way daily.

I endeavor to make things short and valuable, which is not an easy task for me.


Would you like to be part of this work?


More than anything else, this is an online way for us to communicate and explore together. I write daily, and you respond and give feedback when you think your comments and responses can contribute to the process and progress of the work. 

That’s it. It’s a way to communicate about Creative Leadership and Performance outside social media. Still, it is available for our colleagues, clients, and friends who wish to be part of the conversation. 

All this while getting new insights into creative leadership and the constant improvement of performance while living one’s purpose. 


You can sign up to get the weekly updates from the blog, surf the titles, and see what speaks to you and respond, either by sending an email or commenting on the blog. 

Dropping an email will initiate a private conversation between you and me. 

Commenting is for all this blog’s readers to see, which is a great way to contribute to the discussion and the development of this work.

Welcome to this joint exploration!

I’m thrilled you’re here.