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Hi, I’m Orit,
A Personal Optimal Performance coach. I have been a contemporary circus creator for over 30 years and a trapeze artist for 25 years. 

I work with entrepreneurs on Performance Optimization and Creative Leadership.  Consulting, coaching, and collaborating in various creative ways.

I am a mom, to two wonderful boys. I direct an artists’ residency space.

And when I don’t do all that I run, climb in and outdoors, hike, write, dance, and… a few other things you may discover if you decide to go deeper into this blog content and connect with me otherwise.

I live in Israel in a home that I love with my partner, our two sons, a dear old dog, three chickens, and a big green garden. We live by the sea.

I’ve been a performer on the ground and in the air (as a dancer and trapeze artist) for many years, a teacher, director, team, and project leader, for my own company and other artists and companies in Israel and abroad.


What I am up to now and how it can serve you


Apart from working with individual clients on Optimal Performance and Creative Leadership. I read a lot and write this blog, researching, exploring, and developing physical and mental pathways to Optimizing Performance for creative leaders and their teams. 

If you are an entrepreneur, a team leader, an executive, or a creator, this work can be of enormous value to you too.

What is this website?


In April 2022, I decided to write a daily curated blog of some of my findings and the evolution of my research.

A vital part of the research is in your engagement with this blog. You are welcome to browse the many posts and see what speaks to you.

Last but not least, it’s a sneak peek into my mind and its workings, or at least the most fragile, intimate parts I wish to share, publishing something of the path I am on. If you’re interested in working together, this is the most intimate introduction to who I actually am.


Would you like to be part of this work?


This blog is an online way to communicate and explore together. I write, and you respond and give feedback when you think your comments and responses can contribute to the process and progress of the work. 

That’s it. 

I write about Optimal Performance, Creative Leadership, Life, and creative living. 

If this speaks to you, 

You can take the assessments, sign up to get the weekly updates, surf the titles, see what touches you, and respond by sending an email or commenting on the blog. 

Dropping an email will initiate a private conversation between you and me. 

Commenting is for all this blog’s readers to see, which is a great way to contribute to the discussion and the development of this work.

Welcome to this joint exploration!

I’m thrilled you’re here.


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