This is a work in progress, my life in images and commentary...

You can try this out too, very enlightening, I wonder how I never thought about doing this before, 

it’s like re-writing your life, a thrilling idea when you think about it…

Hello World

I was born on the 31st of October 1968 in Kibbutz Saar, close to Haifa, in Israel.

These were revolutionary times around the world and the beginning of what came to be known, later on as the Israeli occupation. 

Life was cool for a few years
Happy beginings

First steps were easy, life was fun, I clearly had no idea what was coming…

Love was all around and I spent most of my time in this fun guy’s arms, which was cool. 

He was tall, strong, handsome, an extremely talented photographer and a brilliant guitar player.

So in a sense you could say I was born into art. 

With my brother Tal
With my parents

I was also born into science, there’s no denying that… My parents were both scientists, my mother was an MD and then researcher in human genetics and my father started with geology and ended up being one of the world’s leading evolutionary biologists. 

You could say we were quite inseparable
The best brother ever

When I was 2 years old we left for the USA. We lived there for a couple of years, in Chicago and San Francisco respectively. That’s where I first went to kindergarten. The first language I spoke there was English.

We obviously left from Tel Aviv to the US, arriving by the east coast. When we left, almost 3 years later, we headed west to Japan and the far east, before coming back to Israel in early 1973.

So by the age of 5, you could say, I traveled around the world. 

I have very strong childhood memories from the first few years in the US, but also from India, Nepal and Japan…

Japan was important, we have been there for 3 months, traveling all around the country, staying in guest houses of “Beit Shalom” a Christian Japanese congregation established by reverend Ōtsuki Takeji in 1946 after his return from a mission in Manchuria.

Tal, became close friends with Reverend Otsuki and the contact between our family and the Japanese congregation was kept for many years after that visit.

To be continued...