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If you are a creative leader or interested in being one. If you wish to optimize your performance as a leader in creative ways, you are in the right place!

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Wow, where to begin? I am a creator. This blog is my latest creation. I love people and working with them for optimal performance and results. I write, coach, consult, accompany, and direct. I am searching for creative leaders to hang out with and improve our performance together. Are you one? If so, let’s connect!

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Who I am & what this is

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Optimal Performance

One of my lifelong obsessions and a central category in the blog

Creative Leadership

That's the main point. I am looking for creative leaders, are you one?

I was exposed to Orit’s vast knowledge in so many domains which brought so much to the work itself. In the end what was most significant for me, is Orit’s connection to her own truth, as a person and coach, and her ability to connect who works with her to his or her own truth as well. Her ability to totally accept the person in front of her enabled me to ask what was right, who I am, and what I have and want to offer.

Yael Miryam Halfon - Multidisciplinary Creator
Yael in rehearsal

ON is a space for Creation, Leadership, and Optimal Performance

The Creative Leadership Optimization Plan

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