This is my New Website,
a constant work in progress...

Hi, I'm Orit,


A contemporary circus creator for 30 years, 

I live in Israel and have dedicated my life to creation, my own, and others. I also have a family, a partner, 2 wonderful kids, a studio, and a residency space for artists, that I am dedicated to.

I’ve been a performer on the ground and in the air (as a trapeze artist) for many years, a teacher, author, and director for my own company and other artists and companies in Israel and abroad.


What I am up to now


I am currently writing a book about life in creation, most probably about what I call holistic creative leadership. The choice, the risk, the courage, and the persistence required. Still finding my feet about it, writing a book is a whole new creative ballgame for me. 


What this website is about


During this research period for the book, I decided to write a daily curated blog of some of my findings. 

Curated in the sense that, it’s based on other people’s inspiration and quotes as much as my own thought woven into them. There’s a lot here that will not get into the book and that I still want to share with other people, potential readers, and friends on the path. Mostly this is an ongoing experiment in finding what is as much of value for my readers as it is for me.

This is also a step towards owning my real estate on the internet and away from social media… 

And last but not least, it’s a sneak peek into my mind and its workings, or at least the most fragile, intimate parts I wish to share of it… publishing something of the way daily.

I will endeavor to make things short and as valuable as possible, not an easy task for me.


Your part, if you wish to assume it.


More than anything else, it’s a possibility to get immediate feedback, on the writing, on the research on the path I am carving for the book. 

So, following and commenting on this content is your part of the deal.

Welcome to my world,

I’m thrilled you’re here!