My recommended books for 2022

This list will be updated until the 31st of December

Coaching and leadership:


  1. Wooden: a lifetime of Observations and reflections on and off the court.

      By John Wooden.

      I recommend this book to anyone aspiring to build character and be inspired by one of the 21 century’s great coaches and leaders.

      Packed full of wisdom and, simply put, invaluable advice for life and leadership.


   2. Raise your game. High performance secrets from the best of the best. 

       By Alan Stein, Jon Sternfeld, and Jay Bilas – forward. 

       A book that is a coach for anyone looking to uplevel their game.  And its sequel: 

       Sustain your game. High-Performance Keys to manage Stress, Avoid Stagnation, and beat burnout.


   3. Leading with character: 10 minutes a Day to a Brilliant Legacy Set.

      By James E. Loehr

      Not an easy read, uncompromising, but highly important reading for any leader.


   4. The Code. The Evaluation. The Protocols: Striving to become an Eminently Qualified Human.

       By Jocko Willink, Sarah Armstrong, Dave Berke

       A short, uncompromising book about integrity and the promises we make to ourselves and others, the value and importance of

       commitment in anything you do or strive for.


   5. Discipline is destiny. The power of self-control.

       By Ryan Holiday.

       An inspiring book about the power of self-discipline, packed with inspiring, some untold, stories of great leaders through history. 



   6. Natural-born heroes. How a daring band of misfits mastered the lost secrets of strength and endurance.

       By Christopher McDougall

       A lovely tale of leadership and heroism, set in world war 2 Crete, with inspiring local heroes and intriguing tales. 

       Beautifully told, with suspense and inspiration. A tale of belonging, adventure, moral justice, and untethered heroism. 


Optimal Performance, health, and fitness:

  1. Be more human. How to transform your lifestyle for Optimum, Health, Happiness, and Vitality. 
      By Tony Riddle.

      A great book about re-wilding our modern urban way of living to find Optimal Performance 

      and harmony with nature and our innate human nature.

      Inspiring while giving great tips and tools for a healthy, more connected living with the earth and the human within.


  2. The Comfort Crisis. Embrace discomfort to Reclaim Your Wild, Happy, Healthy Self.

       By Michael easter.

       A strong book, inspiring our human connection with nature and the importance of experiencing discomfort to live an overall better life.


   3. Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, optimize your Body & Defy Aging.

       By Ben greenfield.

       A bible of health and longevity. Packed with information, knowledge, and great tips for: 

       Optimizing the way you live, move, think, create, and envision old age.