Reflections based on my 2022 research on
Creative Leadership and Optimal Performance

Kindness matters

Cultivating kindness in a disrupted world gone mad

My family was disrupted when I was five years old, when Tal, my brother, died in the Yom Kippur war in 1973. But, like with the state of Israel, one could argue the seeds of that disruption were already there for years waiting for the right moment to burst and bloom. My brother’s death was that abrupt but decisive moment in my family.

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How the 1998 Mondial changed my life

How The 1998 Mondial Changed My Life For The Better

Optimal Performance is then, in this new definition, the art, and science of being ready. Ready to perform at your best whenever you are required to do so. Ready to be your best for your mission in life, whatever it may be, and whenever. Because if there is one person in the audience, you must be your best and give your all. You never know what that person will take from that encounter.

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Now is the time!

Why Tending To Your Optimal Performance Is So Important Right Now?

Obviously, I’d prefer not to need a doctor, and I wish the same for you. First, however, we should all become acutely aware of which of our life habits and behaviors support our health and which do not. I say that knowing full-well knowledge may be power, but it can be tricky regarding your own well-being.

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The new year - an opportunity for real change

How to easily grow with your new goals in 2023

I bet you’re thinking of new goals for 2023, right? At least, I hope you do. When one year passes, and the next begins, it’s a strangely magical time. You seem to have regained the power of renewal, and your mind and heart are buzzing with new year’s resolutions.

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