How was your Performance in 2022?


If you are a creative leader, like some of my clients, you may notice the following:

  • * Your time with your family is compromised
  • * Your physical fitness pays a price
  • * Your relationships suffer
  • * or your stress levels are high

The Optimal Performance Brain Trust is for creative, adventurous leaders who wish to uplevel their work and live their ultimate life to its full potential.

In 2023, you can change all that


The Optimal Performance Brain Trust is here to support you in dealing with challenges that like you, all leaders face daily.

In the program you will focus on improving the life areas that need your attention. Choose your goals, rate your efforts, and commit to improving them from week to week.

In the Optimal Performance Brain Trust, you can expect to achieve:

  • * Improved well-being
  • * Sustained energy
  • * Stronger relationships
  • * Better teamwork
  • * Enhanced peace of mind
  • * A long-term feeling of fulfillment

Want to learn more? 

The Optimal Performance Brain Trust is a small group program and there is a short application. You can submit it below now, to get the early bird price by the end of 2022 for the first group, starting January 2023.

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Optimize your Performance starting January 2023

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    Where I come from to Optimal Performance… 


    Hi, I’m Orit. I graduated from the Wingate National Sports Institute and the Zinman College for Physical education in personal training and nutrition.

    I’ve been a trapeze artist for 25 years, a contemporary circus creator for over 30 years, and a company director and coach for many artists. I have written and created content daily for many years, specifically related to Optimal performance and Creative leadership since 2021.

    I coach creative leaders who feel they’re not living up to their full potential so they can achieve their Optimal Performance.

    • *  Artistic director of a circus series at the Israeli Opera – 2016
    • *  Member of the Jury of CircusNext 2009-2010, 2016-2017, and Aerodynamics 2020, 2021,     2022.
    • *  Considered a pioneer in Contemporary Israeli Circus.

    What people say:

    "One of the most important encounters in my career." The encounter with Orit contributed tremendously to my work, and will remain one of the most important encounters in my career.
    Orit’s ability to listen and be in dialogue is unanimously recognized on an international level.
    Guy Carrara
    Co Artistic Director Of Archaos, BIAC, Creac De Marseille And Pole National Des Arts Du Cirque
    "Again and again you gave me the right thing at the right time." Our coaching sessions organized the many creative ideas I had for this project. Very quickly challenges turned into opportunities to grow and enjoy… I got powers I didn't have to overcome hurdles on the way, turning them into personal successes in my work.
    Michal Oren Arazi
    Teacher and choreographer
    "Orit’s vast knowledge in so many domains brought so much to the work." Her connection to her own truth, as a person and coach, and her ability to connect who works with her to his or her own truth while totally accepting the person in front of her, enabled me to ask the right questions and find my own answers.
    Yael Miryam Halfon
    Multidisciplinary artist

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