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Leading a team, a business, or a startup in today’s rapidly changing world and business environments demands great creativity, skills, fitness, and health. Unfortunately, you don’t get these things when you graduate with a regular MBA.

A creative strategy is needed for leaders who want to sustain their game and avoid burnout. Quality time with family and friends is often sacrificed for the job.

Remaining flexible and resilient is a tough challenge. But, unfortunately, these two often contradictory terms don’t go well together. On top of that, they say it gets lonely at the top, but in tough times like ours, it shouldn’t be that way.

In fact, as a leader, you need all the help you can get to maintain creativity and resilience for the long term.

From your team to the systems and daily habits you create and master to support your vision, Through your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical ability to sustain them and perform at your best.


It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top

Elevating your physical and mental skills to higher levels requires inspiration and assistance, you can get so far on your own, but getting to the top levels cannot be done alone.

Creating and sustaining habits and systems to support you as you climb higher to where your work and personal goals support each other and soar, is done with the help of a coach, a mentor, a team, and the family you love.


You can have it all

You can have the mindset and energy you need to perform at your best and the knowledge and experience to assist you in building the habits, systems and strategies to sustain these for the long term.

Level up on your lifelong satisfying pursuit of your mission and purpose, where you can also enjoy quality time with family and friends doing what you love. 

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 Take it from a professional trapeze artist 🙂 

Don’t settle for less than your best, 

turn Optimal Performance into a life of 

Optimal Fulfillment  

Your solution is…


The Entrepreneur's
Optimization Package

An exclusively tailored coaching package. Designed for highly successful team leaders, executives and directors like you, who understand the advantage in creatively optimizing their overall life performance.

We look at your priorities and goals, creating systems, routines and habits to support you in realizing them fully, in both work and life. We focus on developing physical, emotional and mental fitness that will enable you to imagine and implement a strategy to “Have it all”, while realizing your vision.

Create your own “show”, Optimize
your performance at work and in life

This package is inspired by the creative process of a show. Your Performance.

Directing a circus show has several distinct phases, which we will use as a framework in our work together, to reach your goals and sustain them for the long term.

Executive performance is like a circus performance, 

it can always get to the next level

I am here to get you there

Benefits you get from our work together:

This is what I bring to the table

And where I come from to Optimal Fulfillment

Leading myself daily on that afternoon walk

Hi, I’m Orit – I have worked with people on Optimal Performance & Fulfillment for over 30 years in many different ways. I come from movement, performance, art, creation, and visionary leadership.

Here’s a taste of my experience through the years:

Coaching people to perform at their best and live to
their full potential is my mission.
I am enthusiastic, passionate and I give my all
to the people I work with.

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2024 Special Offer

Regular price - 8750 ILS

Reduced Price for 2024:

5250 ILS = 1450 USD = 1320 Euro

Only two spots available!

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 You’ll be able to assess how the optimization package works and if it’s 

what you need to get your show rolling 

I work with only 5 clients at a time, 

so the next time a spot is available may be months from now…


The encounter with Orit contributed tremendously to my work, and will remain one of the most important encounters in my career. Orit’s ability to listen and be in dialogue is unanimously recognized on an international level. From our first meeting I was enthusiastic about the idea of collaborating. I recognised in her person a quality artist, a real author, an experienced director and a project leader that knows to surround herself with the best professionals. It is vital for anyone at a leadership position working with Orit, that she puts her experience, her competencies and motivation at their service.
Guy Carrara
Co artistic director of Archaos company, BIAC -Biennale Internationale des arts du cirque
Creac de Marseille and Pôle National des Arts du Cirque Méditerranée
Orit, you keep on giving everything you have with commitment and a smile.
We changed so much with you. We got united, we improved, we got closer, and we became a company. Thank you for the devotion, connection, consideration and the work in such full collaboration.
Inbalance company
Inbalance company
Acrobatics & Hand 2 hand
(writing, directing, staging - collective work with 6 people)
Orit’s initiative spirit and presence during professional international meetings demonstrated a unique ability to question and create a network that enlarged the creative working scope around her… I have known Orit Nevo for more than a decade and had quite a few occasions to host her in Auch. Her work with other creative leaders in Israel is a testimony to resilience. Contemporary Circus as an art with its universal language, at the crossroads of new writings and audiences, is a fertile innovative foundation for Orit’s groundbreaking work with creative leaders in other domains in her country and internationally.
Marc Fouilland
Ex-artistic director of the CIRCa festival

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