Being busy is not creative

Busy is messy and often ineffective

How busy can you get? 

I used to be extremely busy most of the time. I had my reasons. Being a mom, a company director, an artistic director, a coach, a space director, traveling, teaching, parenting, you know all those things most of us do by mid-life before we even notice how busy we become. 

It took me years to understand that what this does is trip my creativity, turning it to ashes. The exhaustion, the extra movements required to sustain the business, the inability to be with other people with attention as I wanted, but mainly, not being able to follow my real passion: create and co-create with others.

The being busy trap

This is a severe trap because you honestly believe you have no choice. Life seems to come at you from different directions, and you seem to be out of control. 

The thing is, we convince ourselves that being busy is the right thing to be. It’s the best, most respectable excuse we have to procrastinate or not face our fears and do the critical, often hard thing. 

There are inner forces, mainly our innate fears of failure, of not being worthy or good enough, of not being willing to take the risks involved, because, we say to ourselves, we’re not the only ones at stake here… These are potent forces, voices within us, preventing us from following our bliss in the name of responsibility, accountability, and security, can you blame them? 

The best excuse for not doing the actual work

Being busy is counterproductive if you are not busy realizing your dreams and following your passion for manifesting your life goals.

More than that, I’d argue there’s nothing more important than facing our fears and doing just that. 

Being busy is what we all are. It is a rare person that has the time to be with you and listen to what you have to say, consider the matter, and respond. 

It seems like everyone is busy these days. It’s the way we avoid each other; it’s the most common excuse for not being able to________________ you name it. It’s the excuse we all somehow accept and respect. As if being busy makes you important. 

Let’s try an experiment

What if you took the time actually to be with each other and listen? Think about it, take it on for a week, be there for your passions and dreams, and connect with those around you on a deeper level. Really connect, and let me know in the comments below what you notice.

If you’re a busy leader – take a short 5 minutes break and assess yourself, it can be good for you.

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