Create a healthy body-mind relationship

A healthy body-mind relationship makes other relationships thrive too

The things you put up with

We all suffer daily, some more, some less. Even those of you who say you don’t suffer, I bet, like all of us, you have some ailments, pains, extra mucus, a foggy brain, horrible mornings, horrible evenings, you name it… there’s always something, however slight that we don’t even notice anymore, we have all grown used to suffering. “That’s life,” we say, and we go on trodding the earth as if a change is not possible…Well, I’ve got news for you.

Take this assessment

Here are a few basic human needs for life, in a specific order, taken from Eric Edmeades, my favorite serial entrepreneur and teacher, who proved to me that change is possible when I took his 3 months Wildfit challenge.

So, on a scale of 1-10, assess the levels of your:

1. Air quality

2. Water quality

3. Sleep quality

4. Energy – where does it come from mostly? – Carbs, Fats, or Protein?

5. Movement quality

6. Sunlight (how much of it do you get daily)

7. Energy Nutrients – nutrition level

8. Touch – how much touch do you get and give


Now look at your life through the lens of this assessment and stop with what lowers the level of any of these needs, start with what may lift them up the scale, and continue with what’s good for you. 

Clearly, that’s easier said than done. But at least you have an assessment, a picture of where you are and where you might want to be. 

There are many ways to uplevel your game of life. 

I bet also that there are one or two simple things you can start with today, like right now. Don’t think twice, just go for those things, and make a habit of what’s good for you. Here are 8 easy suggestions for each of the 8 needs. No excuses here, these are really easy:

1. Do a daily breathing exercise between 1-3 minutes

2. Drink 4-6 glasses of the best water you can get hold of every day

3. Avoid screens before sleep for at least 1 hour

4. Switch to eating only these healthy fats – Olive oil, Coconut oil, Avocado Oil, and for an extra treat – MCT oil, and grass-fed butter, but it’s not always easy to come by. And if possible – eat fewer cards.

5. Do you have a daily movement session? When I was pregnant with my younger son, my Dulla said – to dance every day for at least ten minutes, I pass this recommendation on to you. If that’s too much to ask, just go for a daily walk, that’s easy, for any length of time 5-25 minutes. The best is 25 minutes before breakfast on an empty stomach… but hey, start where you are!

6. Make a point of sitting in the sun for a few minutes every day, it’s a question of attention, maybe have your coffee break outside if you can. 20 minutes a day in the morning sun is ideal.

7. Eat organic – what can I say, pesticides are not good for you.

8. Make a point of getting and giving 1-3 hugs a day – my son keeps reminding me hugs makes life much more fun, he asks for them regularly, morning, noon, and night, find someone, a buddy that can remind you.

The benefits of a good body-mind synergy

Ok, for some people my suggestions can seem basic. For others they can pose a challenge, I get it. The thing is that when you are a creator, and a leader you need to be both physically and mentally fit to do your best work in the world. 

The benefits of having a body, metabolism, and mind that work well together are literally boundless. In other words, if your gut and your mind have great flowing free communication, your communication with the world will be the same. 

Trust me, I know. For years I tried to make that work, it’s not easy. Our gut health is most of the time easy to ignore, not to mention the thoughts that creep into our minds without our control…Our moods, our aspirations, and frustrations…You know what I’m talking about, I hope.

Being a leader is already hard, we’ll speak about that later in the blog, for sure. Being creative, in some places is also not so easy. New ideas are always hard to deliver and then propel forward. Together, it can be a constant struggle for some. For that reason alone, staying physically fit, and keeping a healthy sense of humor, curiosity, and growth mindset are essential. 

For a week now, my gut has been, how shall I call it, on track, doing its job, without complaints. My mind, likewise. I seem to have reached a balance of body and mind that I cannot yet explain. I do know what I did to get to this. And that’s a whole other blog post. 

Suffice it to say that I feel great, sort of boundless…and wish all of you could feel the same, the world would definitely be a whole different place.

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If you want to know more about yourself as you are now, take this assessment

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