Creating between two worlds

Seefelder Mhule and the energetic space around it - 2006

We live in two worlds


I forgot where, but I heard Sir Ken Robinson speak about this once, and it strikes me to my core; I’ll explain why further on… He said there are two worlds we live in – one is the world that existed before we were born and will go on existing after we die, and the other is the world born with us and that we perceive with our senses, body, mind, soul, and spirit while we are alive. This world dies with us when we die. 

When two worlds (or more) collide 


When you collaborate with other people, what happens is that your two worlds communicate with each other. Notwithstanding our elaborate languages or other means of communication, the odds of you understanding each other, even with great attention invested in the process, are slim. 

Nevertheless, you do your best. You urge to collaborate, and you go for it with pure intentions. The one thing that unites you in this complex process is the world “outside” of you. We can lovingly call it “the third world” in this equation. Your awareness of the separateness of your two interior worlds is crucial for you to communicate with other people through it. Here’s what I mean by this.

The energetic space between us


There is a vast space in this third world, which we usually call air, but it is for all purposes, and especially for all creative purposes, an energetic space. You can think of it as Michelangelo‘s marble stone from which the statue can be uncovered. That space is where your materials for creation are to be found. Awareness of that space is crucial. It is essential throughout all phases of the creative process and when your work is finally presented to the world.

What is inside the third world


Now, the materials inside the third world are put in it through generations of human creators, like you, who put their creative thoughts and then work into the world. Including all the books you read, the places you’ve been to, the memories you harbor, etc. 

By your ability to share your experiences of the world with others, you put your contribution into that vast energetic space. Your gift will then influence other creators immediately, in your life and future generations. 

The power to change many worlds


When presenting your creative work, you hold power to change many, many worlds at once. 

The “third world” is the first to change, as you “put your work into the world,” so to speak.

But more than that, your collaborators’ worlds change by the first contact they have with you, and so does each and everyone’s world of the people in your audience. 

This is a huge responsibility, one that cannot be taken lightly. Just think of the enormous power you have while you are here. 

Take care of what you put into the world. Thoughts count too, you now? It’s all energetic matter. 


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