Eat real food and improve your health

My favorite kind of food - greens

You know, real food, without the plastic around it…This means that you will improve your health and the planet’s health, which is a big deal, the way I see it.

I’m all into the two-week MAF test, switching back to fat fuel mode. Which I’ve done before, but this time I’m into aerobic training and running too… We’ll see how that goes—all inspired by Dr. Phil Maffettone.

So I’m all into challenging you to eat real food. No processed food of any kind. Will you accept this challenge? For two weeks only! After that, you can return to your old habits, if you wish. 

I’m off sugar and carbohydrates too for these two weeks, and if you are into joining me with that, all the merrier. Let me know in the comments below.

I’d love to know if this challenge triggers your attention and possibly better health at the end of it.

Let me know.

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