Naturally moving forward momentum

From "All we need" presentation 2019 Nir Caspi and Yael Miryam Halfon, photo by Inbal Ben Haim

What you possess within matters more than what you own outside. Experience and knowledge that you assimilate are more valuable than material things that you accumulate. The latter augments what you externally possess; the former expands who you are deep within. “Erwan Le Corre – founder of MovNat – Natural Movement.

Movement Practice


When you start a movement practice, momentum is created if you stick to it for a while. Using that momentum as you advance and leverage it will get you faster and possibly easier to where you want to be. 

Creative momentum


This is true in any creative project you initiate and then lead as you pull or push the project forward. 

In movement practice, momentum assists the body in its progression to higher and higher levels of performance. 

The importance of improving your performance daily


The better your performance, the better your ability to lead innovative and groundbreaking projects forward.

The body and the mind work together. They are inseparable entities. They inform each other constantly. This information creates movement. 

The more you practice, the more you enhance the spectrum of mind-body communication and, therefore, your performance.

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