Notes on composition part II

Shai Ramot, Neta Polak, Namer Golan in "All rights reserved", part of the "Revolt" series I directed for the BIAC 2015 in Marseille, photo by Jean Barak

You have to go away to come back


Returning from two days of work away from home, I mostly enjoyed composition work in performance and aerial acrobatics, more on that when I’ve had some time to digest and organize my thoughts around .yesterday’s Aerodynamics aerial acrobatics competition, where I was a member of the jury.

Somehow digesting and landing back home takes more and more time lately. 

The thoughts you bring home with you


I came back with the primary thought that life is a delicate balance between improvisation and composition.

There are the hidden aspects of life I’ve spoken about before, which, like it or not, you improvise with, as they are usually unexpected.

You find yourself occasionally obliged to say “Yes and…” add your interpretations and points of view; you then need to assert and assume any mistakes and consequences… the basic rules of improvisation in the theater. 

Then there’s composition. A much more complex process but necessary if you want to steer your life where you think it should be going and not just drift on vague waves that transport you without a clear direction. 

The art of living

Striking an ultimate balance between improvisation and composition for each of us, is the bewildering and fascinating art of living. Which we then invest our lives perfecting. 


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