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Never giving up, even in the darkest times

Today I want to speak of Joseph, my friend in Gaza, who is working very hard to build a circus space there to teach kids circus arts. This guy, who is living a tough life, who cannot exit Gaza, who from time to time calls me in despair about his life situation, finds the courage, the motivation, and the power to imagine and then go and build with his own hands and a little help from his friends a circus space where they will be able to work. Isn’t that amazing? 

Unstoppable inspiration 


I am always tremendously impressed by people who, despite circumstances (my father is like that), push forward as hard as they can to realize their dreams. I was like that once too, when we started our Israeli circus adventure 22 years ago.

All these years, what kept me going were the people I worked with—the team. Today, when Joseph sent me these photos, I immediately asked about his team. 

The value of a good team


Having an excellent team to push things forward together is what any organization grappling with innovation and original creation in the face of adversity needs.

The more innovative your ideas, the more resistance you will encounter. Let us be clear. Innovation is excellent; only you need the power to deal with resistance if you want to implement new ideas successfully. More often than not, you meet with much resistance that you may have not even thought existed… 

The only thing that will keep your process moving forward is a good team. My number one rule for establishing a good team is finding people better and more skillful than you to surround yourself with. You may have an innovative idea or vision, but implementation is a whole new ballgame. It would help if you had the right people, those who know how to see reality and deal with it to propel your process forward. 

So, I will be innovative today and change the format a little, as I want to cheer Joseph and his team in building their space. Here’s a small gallery of photos of a few courageous people creating a circus space in Gaza today! I love this project; it makes my heart sing and lifts my spirits. I hope it does the same to you!

Joseph’s team in Gaza, building The Beit Lahia Project

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