Test your integrity, don't compromise on who you choose to be

Take a leap into being yourself inside-out

We all play hide and seek


Do you have secrets? I mean secrets you don’t want others to know.

I once read this sentence in a story; I think it was an article in a magazine somewhere that spoke about a person who was the same outside as he was inside. The idea was that he did not put up a show for the outside world, as he was with himself and indoors, so he was outside with others and the world.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know I am deep into integrity. I believe firmly in walking your talk, being your word, etc. 

How one written sentence can change a life


That sentence I read years ago changed my life, it was then that I decided to have no secrets. Be like an open slate to the world. There’s something appeasing in that. No hiding anymore. It’s like saying to the world, “That’s me. Take it or leave it.” That’s why my brother’s death and many other things are not taboo for me. 

I believe in finding out who you are and who you want to be and openly going about being who you choose to be. That’s coaching in a nutshell. It’s easier said than done, but being open about it helps keep you accountable, to yourself at least. Put your integrity to the test.


The importance of being open and transparent


When you openly say to others what you’re working for, they will then tell you if you progress or not. They might say more than that; they may try to dissuade you, put doubts in your mind, and this will put your intentions to the test. You’ll see how strong they are or not. 

Your mind may wander, but your heart will know. 

The highest level of integrity – let others be the judges


I’m reading Marshall Goldsmith’s book The Earned Life and have listened to some of his videos. It’s been inspiring and speaks directly to my strong feeling that marketing as I knew it is dead. For me, at least.

Marshall Goldsmith makes a point of being paid for the results he produces with his work, not for the time he invests. 

I find that outstanding. 

The next level of integrity I wish to explore. I think I will adopt this method. 

I feel like living the truth of my intentions to help others. 

The utmost of integrity would be if others who see the results of the work will pay for the results produced. 

If you want to serve others, they need to be the ones to say – “we’ve been served.” Let others be the judges of your integrity. Stop hiding. Put your intentions and integrity to the test to get to the next level.

Yes, this is a risk, yes, it demands courage and faith and trust in yourself and others. I propose not to do it on your own. Get all the help you can get. It’s a challenge, but the best you can choose for growth.

For me, living otherwise at this point seems to be a waste of “this one wild and precious life.”

What do you think? 



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