Three steps to optimal performance anyone can follow

The 180 Formula can help you determine the heart rate at which to start low intensity running practice

Fitness and health – the secret to Optimal Performance


“Both health and fitness are requirements for optimal human performance, but we should not sacrifice one for the other.” Dr. Phil Maffetone, creator of the MAF method (Maximum Aerobic Function).

I am reading his E-book on the MAF method, which I highly recommend for anyone interested in optimizing performance. In that book, he speaks about the “fit but unhealthy” paradox and ways to avoid that trap. 

Three things I have been practicing and which I am joyfully discovering as part of the MAF method, which has optimized so many athletes, musicians, and other performers’ performance for decades since the 1970s.

Burning fat for fuel


He says: “A key to achieving optimal human performance is unlocking something that resides in each of us – the potential to burn high levels of fat for fuel. This, in turn, leads to better health, increased physical and mental energy, and greater performance.”

I love Dr. Phil Maffetone’s complete ignoring of trends or fads. He simply seeks to make human performance and life better. His principles are simple, natural, and holistic. He speaks about nutrition, exercise, and stress as the three pillars of his method. 

Ready? Here are the three steps 


These will get you closer to better health, fitness and performance:

  1. 1. Stop eating junk food. If possible, eliminate refined sugars including synthetic sugar replacements from your nutrition completely.

2. Start using fat as your body’s primary fuel by “specifically training the aerobic system through easy exercise.” These include, walks, slow running or jogging if you like that, yoga. Balance aerobic and anaerobic workouts. Follow your heart rate for accurate intensity (the 180 formula). 

  1. 3. Learn how to manage your stress. Prioritize sleep and recovery. Start a daily intentional breathing time or a meditation practice.
For more information about the MAF method, buy this book.

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