Where do you need to be moved?

Heart Matters, lets hang in there

Are you moved at all?


I’ve been writing this daily blog for almost two months now. Some friends signed up for the weekly updates. Some comments here and there. Some interest. And, I just wanted to say, I feel you. That following this blog for a while, you lose interest; I can see that. 

I may be repeating myself. The writing may sometimes not be as clear as I’d like it to be. The ideas start intermingling, and mostly, with every one of you, I feel the lack of time. You have no time to read. I get it; you’re busy. We all are, more than covid; being busy seems to be the major pandemic of the 21st century. 

Any suggestions?


A friend following this blog also suggested I should record myself reading the posts so people could listen while driving or washing the dishes. I like this idea; I can see how this would save the precious time we all seem not to have. 

But to be honest, I think it’s more than that. It’s that I am an artist, a creator, and here is where I invest my time and heart in creating these days. If it has no value for others, I’m doomed; also, if I get further and further away from my heart to speak to other people’s interests, I’m doomed.

So, I am blocked. And I want to ask for your help. 

Your feedback and why it’s important


I started writing this blog to get feedback from people who may be interested in taking the time to read it; not all posts, but at least some. Since I have not been getting much feedback on the work itself, I went where I thought it would be interesting to go. Creative Leadership, to be precise. I created this assessment for leaders of all kinds to answer to see if these themes I am writing about are of interest to others. 

I have some responses, but not enough to go by, so if you could spend 5 minutes taking the assessment, you will get your answers back, and hopefully, it will be of value to you too. As a leader, you’d be able to see what role creativity plays in your leadership, what you may need to do to get to the next level as a leader, and if there are things you think you should stop, start or continue doing. I think there’s value in it for you. Check it out.

Where this is heading


As for me, I think I’m going to look for a more personal, intimate, expressive, poetic style that corresponds more to where my heart has been tending recently. 

I hope this will work; please let me know in the comments below and in the following posts. I’d appreciate knowing where you are at with what I write.

Here’s something that touched me profoundly from the Audiobook “Miracle and Wonder” conversations with Paul Simon by Malcolm Gladwell and Bruce Headlam. Published on Paul Simon’s Youtube channel on the 19th of March 2020, here’s American Tune in a recent interpretation, I love the simple straightforwardness of it. Today, this is my song. It’s called ‘American Tune’, but I think it’s as relevant in Israel in these bloody times as anywhere else. What do you think?

If this speaks to you, share it on any of the links here, by mail or otherwise. 

Your comments are of tremendous value, please post them below, if you have any.

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