Finding clarity through imaginary pathways

Alex exploring imaginary pathways in the studio today

The creative process is an exploration


A collaboration starts from a seemingly impossible attempt to create clarity through imaginary pathways, of what the future could look like and where you want to get to. 

Negotiating with your imagination, figuring it out

I love this stage where we face the unknown together, weaving through imaginary pathways in the brain a reality we might be living together in the next few months. Like Alex says: “I never work like this, I don’t have a clue…”

What about you?

What co-creative projects are you up to these days? What is unknown to you yet? And what do you know deep down inside? Reach into yourself, pull it out, and say it out loud. That’s how you create the initial clarity that will take you forward.

You can also take the creative leadership assessment – it will bring you clarity

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