How to extend your ability beyond what you know is possible

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The upper limit


If, as I hope, you are harboring a growth mindset – the question is how to extend your ability beyond what you know is possible for you?

Often, left to your own devices, you can get so far. But without good feedback, an outside eye as we call it in performing arts, it’s hard to get out of your way and exceed the glass ceiling of your abilities. 

“Growth comes at the point of resistance. We learn by pushing ourselves and finding what really lies at the outer reaches of our abilities.” Josh Waitzkin The art of learning

You don’t have to do this alone


This is difficult to do alone. The best way is to do it with others, or someone else, a coach, a mentor, a team that can hold you accountable… I’m saying that will alone is not enough, even for highly self-disciplined individuals like me. 

A trapeze artist has to be. Aerial acrobatics is an ungrateful art, my teacher Zoe used to say, you train and train for a few performances here and there. “There are no stars in the circus,” said another mentor of mine Guy Carrara, wisely… So there is no glory and a lot of hard work. Ironclad self-discipline is critical when you are alone up 5 meters in the air, thinking of your next move to improve your act.

A teacher or coach is helpful because you don’t have to see the whole picture yourself; you can concentrate on improving your performance. They see you perform, have experience, get to know you, and know what next moves to suggest that will get you to where you want to be in the shortest and safest time. It saves you energy. You can focus. You do what you must to get to your next level. 

How good progress is made


The best thing would be to create a process whereby you progress in small increments that keep you physically and mentally safe while making good progress over time.  

What is usually recommended in high-performance circles is a 4% increase in difficulty over incremental periods… 

In any case, my point here is that it’s better together than alone. We can talk more about this over a free call. You can schedule here.

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