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You could say I’m retired


I’ve withdrawn myself from all the things I don’t do well. 

I am constantly growing, though. I guess this “retired” mentality is taking you places. Like to who and where you want to be. I took the liberty to abstain from what I dislike doing, and now, I am creating what they call “The rest of your life.” 

However, I believe that if I had known who I wanted to be earlier, I might have retired earlier. Many things would not have happened, but I would have been much happier. 

Again and again, you are faced with the truth of who you want to be, finding the power to walk your talk given integrity. 

Integrity and your life/the creative path


That’s a precious moment in life. Because, as I said yesterday will-power is not enough. Something about being committed to integrity is stronger and makes you grow intuitively. 

An old Zen story says enlightenment is simply: “When hungry – eat, when tired – sleep.” That’s what my retirement looks like. 

But shouldn’t this be the way you live? Way before you retire? 

When you work, you create and think you can sacrifice yourself, your well-being, and your peace of mind for that which you are creating. 

B.S. – No you; no creation, that’s what I say. 

I’ll leave you with this thought today.

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