It's Easy To Overtrain, But Better To Be Safe Than Sorry!

Too much is never enough... Photo by Tricia Galvin on Unsplash
Too much is never enough...Photo by Tricia Galvin

When you’re highly motivated

I’m building a training plan. It demands a lot of thought and mostly patience and planning ahead. I can plan ahead, but patience, when I’m highly motivated is the last quality I possess. I immediately go about implementing my plans. It’s easy to overtrain, if you’re not careful. When it comes to training and being highly motivated there is one big risk – overtraining, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

You have a goal, and you’re highly excited, but training is a process, often a long-term process. It’s easy to get into overtraining, but it can bring all your plans to a halt, instead of getting you closer to realizing your goal. Physical training is a science and an art. 

But this is relevant for any kind of training.


There are things that only time can do


In the circus, we are all highly excited about what we do. New techniques and the creativity of the new generation of circus artists move the profession forward. I remember  when training with Zoe, my trapeze teacher some 30 years ago, she said to me once: “There are things only time can do.” For some strange, unknowen reason it stuck with me. 

It may have kept me safe from injury all those years. 

In any case, young, unexperienced artists such as I was then, tend to want to do more and better, but more, is not always better. Here’s a short clip taken from a much longer interview with Inbal Ben Haim, about ambition and injury. 


Let me know in the comments below if this is something you can relate to. 

In the case of sharing,
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