How far into the future are you planning?

Future plans - how far can you go?
Sometimes all you need to get you going is a fortune cookie

The age where planning becomes a thing


I guess I am at this age when planning the future becomes a thing. The kids are growing, and 32 years of a creative contemporary circus career are behind me. It’s as if the time has come to follow my bliss in the sense of doing things I always wanted to do, but there were more important things to tend to… 

It’s funny to say this because I never had a normal job. I was always as unemployable as you could get, which I guess is why I actually became a creative leader… I had to create the market for what I wanted to do. It was a lot of work!

But now, I seem to not owe so much to so many people, so I feel free to choose. Reality strikes, and my conscience and something in me says, “yes, but you have so much experience, so many people could benefit from it.” So I postpone my bliss for another few days. 

There’s always an excuse as to why not go for what you want right now…

The thought then invariably creeps in of – but you know, there’s not too much time left, you better get going. 

What do you want to be doing a year from now?


So, to make things easy for us, you and me, I’ll just take a year from now to start thinking forward. Naturally, bliss is vital, especially at my age. But then again, the value you bring to others is vitally important too. 

So what’s your plan? Would you let me in on it? I mean, if money and time weren’t an issue, health and fitness, and obligations you may have now. If you could be doing anything you wanted while making a positive difference for other people? What would you be doing in a year?

How far into your future can you imagine?


Now take it even further, how far into the future can you imagine yourself and your loved ones? Can you imagine where and what you will be doing five years from now? 

I know it’s a tricky question. There are so many unknowns. Still, if anything was possible, we’re just imagining a possibility, or even an impossibility, I don’t care. We’re just using our imagination here. In Ken Robinson‘s definition: 

“Imagination is the root of creativity. It is the ability to bring to mind things that aren’t present to our senses.”

If you can use your imagination to project who you want to be in the future, you can see what may be required of you now to become that person. You will then know if who you want to be one year from now is part of your way to getting to where you want to be five years from now. 

How important is it?


So, I repeat my question: How far into the future are you planning? It’s important because it’s part of our growth mindset and orientation. You may need to learn, practice new things, change how you eat or sleep, or train, what you read and who you keep in touch with. Like AJ Harper says –

“Who do you want to hang out with for the next few years?”

Many things may change in your life immediately, even if you can only imagine who, where and what you will be (doing) five years from now. 

Try it as an exercise and share in the comments below, please!

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