What are you really worth?

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Name your price


Do you have a ready answer if you’re asked to name your price? Do you know what you’re worth? 

I’m asking this because it’s the second question after the initial one for any project you participate in. The first is – does it interest me? Once you’ve established how interested you are in the project at hand, the next question is “what is the value I bring to the table?” – otherwise known as “How can I contribute to this?”

The answer to which indicates your price. Your price is important. It will determine the level of your engagement throughout the project. So how do you estimate your price? What are you really worth to a project?

Self-worth – what’s that?


My self-worth is measured by how much I contribute to a specific project or a team. The more I contribute, the higher my self-worth. I am also an integrity sucker – I cherish mine almost at all costs. That, too, always brings value to the table.

Objective measures exist too, but…


Obviously, it is also measured by, so to speak, objective criteria like the measure of your professional success, years of experience, testimonials, recommendations, and such. 

These may work for some, but for me, the ultimate measure is how much you contribute to a team, a collaboration, or a co-creative project. 

How about you? Look at what you’re up to now and honestly estimate your self-worth. Name your price and live up to it.

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If you’re following this blog, or if you’re here for the first time, join the conversation, contribute your thoughts, leave a comment and elevate your self-worth 🙂

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