Jumping on rooftops to a new you

The view from my Paris Chambre de Bonne 1990 - a periode of radical growth (3 years in Paris)

Periods of transition


Jumping to a new you, happens daily. Do you know that feeling? When you know this is a period of transition in life. You are heading towards a new you, even though you’re not entirely sure who that new you is?

There are shorter periods, like days or the changes between one week and another. How you are before you go on vacation, and who you become when you’re back. 

Traveling self-development


Precisely for that reason, there was a period in my life where I was constantly moving from one place to the next, it was a system for change, a way of personal growth through movement in the world. 

I remember I loved leaving, most times, it was a joy, leaving to become the new person I was turning into. The leaving, the new destination, would have been a place that served the new person I was about to become. The journey served my almost constant and relatively fast personal evolution. It was an extreme period of growth. 

Movement in the world changed me. 

Stillness and change


Then I settled down for two or three years and learned the power of stillness, absorption in one place, and focusing on one thing for personal growth and development.

Longer life changes


Then there are more extended periods of years where you know yourself to be someone: a parent, a manager, a team leader, a circus artist, a director, a blogger, any of the myriad roles we assume in life… 

And then, often for reasons we are not aware of, that changes too, and slowly over a few months or years, with no change of place, your mind changes, and your soul seeks its new dimension, somewhere higher above your current “pay grade,” or what you have been used to up to now

The advantages of conscious personal development


I suggest it can be an excellent exercise to plan how your life will evolve. Have things happen to you because you plan for them. We do this all the time, or occasionally at the very least, but my point here is this – how often in your life have you planned for who you want to be

I noticed almost a year ago that my life was not what I wanted it to be. I felt I was too much obliged to do too many things mistakenly, for lack of attentive listening to my soul’s (heart’s) desires, thought were what I was meant to do. 

At a certain point, I realized that what I want and what I am living/doing do not correlate to who I want to be

That’s when I started climbing outdoors, walking and running out in nature two times a day, dreaming of long hikes in nature in different places around the world, fasting from social media, and writing this blog… among other things. 

I usually consider myself an aware and mindful person. But I got it all wrong for quite a while. I can find some reasons for it, but they are not important. The truth is, the only important thing is who I am becoming now, as Jurriaan once told me. 

Your future self knows who you want to be


I still have a lot of homework to do about this in terms of getting to know my future self and better listening to the who of me. But I definitely can say that I don’t do things I don’t want to anymore.

Which is huge!

I risk getting something wrong by paying attention to how I feel when I do something or even think about doing something. Immediately I know if my plan is a “yes” or a “no,”  then there is always the muscle test if you really don’t know. 

Though, lately, I feel like I’m jumping on rooftops to a new me. Like Parkouring to a new way of being (maybe because I run a lot), as if carried by some force beyond me towards a future I may wish for but not know about yet. 

My job, your job, would be to listen carefully and attentively to your feelings and the signs and consciously choose the right direction to go. 

So, where are you with developing your self-listening skills? What would be your next level at this? Let me know if you need some help with that!

You can also share in the comments below if this resonates with you. Tell us of a time in your life when change happened, moving you forward towards the new you of today.

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