Simple is better

Keeping it simple


The conversation around the family table


Independence day. The conversation around the table turns to direct storytelling, words, and human presence, nothing else, which brings us to immediate feedback, the overflow of information, saturation, and a basic need for simplicity. 

Etienne Decroux said it many years ago; one of the lessons I remember from back then I was never quite able to implement in my creations: “Too much is never enough.” For a few years now, I have heard myself say this to the people who come to our space: “we try to keep it simple.” I honestly do. Take this blog, for example.

Things to note about this blog


If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you may notice this attempt (I admit, not always successful):

* A fixed format

* An effort not to be too lengthy

* An honest attempt to speak to you from the heart 

Keeping it simple  from now on


It’s not always easy, but there’s something about the pandemic, I think, that shifted us all towards a profound intolerance for B.S. When we’re left to our own devices (Isolated at home) or under compulsion of specific behaviors in public, vaccinations, or subject to numerous tests to be eligible for travel, work, study, or even shop… We run out of patience.

I think it’s a good thing. Keeping it simple is a good thing to aspire to. Getting lost is very easy if we don’t practice our simplicity skills. 

I agree with Decroux. It has also been said by quite a few others that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” 

The work I do


This blog speaks about things I’ve learned through 30 years of creative work. It is also an attempt to communicate some essential insights I gain through the research I do for the writing of my book. Ultimately, with the book and the research around it, I wish to put this acquired knowledge and experience at your service.

There are many ways to do this. These days, the most exciting way for me is to work with organizations to develop and foster creative environments for their “spaces,” physical and mental, to be well prepared to meet any uncertain future we may all be facing. 

If you wish to discuss more ways we can work together, talk to me.


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