Tapping into a new creative potential

The physical and the spiritual are one

I decided to walk my talk


Remember what I said to my father when I was 16? I said body and mind have to be cultivated at the same level. If you choose to be a movement artist like me, you need to find the time and energy to do both and train your body and mind at the same level. 

Over the years, it became clearer that these are not two separate entities. Not only that, there are other depths to our being that need to be tended to, soul, spirit, and the like.

So I decided to walk my talk—the holistic part of creative leadership. I started fasting seriously, with the help of this marvelous book, by Dave Asprey. It didn’t take long for my body to feel the difference, and soon I got to the spiritual aspects of fasting. 

What’s happening now is a story for another blog post; suffice it to say that fasting creates a whole new reality, which was precisely my intention. 

Creating a new reality


So here I am, practicing this fasting, which is an age-old spiritual practice, changing how I feel, look, and act. 

Energetically, fasting changes so much in your reality that you cannot but observe with awe what’s taking shape in front of you. 

The idea that we create our reality is not new to me. But what is so astounding now is how the physical and the spiritual are so closely bonded together, how all of a sudden, everything I’ve always thought makes perfect sense. 

You know how when you do something, and the result is precisely if not much better than what you first intended or expected, you go: “I knew it!” that’s how this feels to me now.

A pathway of true revelation


Inspired by Dave’s book, I went further into the spiritual path, taking a Shamanic vision quest course online, and found a “path of true revelation.” 

The best thing is that I find the time to do many things simultaneously related to this research. Some things come first, but somehow time is bent to let me do other things as the true person I have become with newfound ease and flow.

Some pains are gone, and I feel lighter and more sensitive to everything. I wonder where this will evolve to—more in the coming days. 

It feels great to walk one’s talk—nothing like being in integrity and sharing your experiments with others when they work.


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