"The devil went down to Georgia"

A different perspective

How did I get to Georgia?


There’s nothing specific about Georgia, but it is part of the US; reading about Abe Lincoln’s campaign for the presidency brings me there. Reading about the devil at the same time also brings me there, and Supertramp, of course. 

The wanderings of the mind. 

But it’s not only that. I am out of my habitual “comfort zone,” away from home. I used to be traveling so much that “being away” had been my comfort zone for many years. Now I am more sedentary. I have a vegetable garden, three chickens, a dog, kids, and my cherished daily routines and habits. 

Take another perspective (or the long way home, if you want to stay with Supertramp)


Being away now is considered “out of my comfort zone,” which has advantages. It gives you perspective, calms you down, and lets you re-think your daily routines in a different morning light and in view of many other factors that let you objectively estimate the ultimate value of who you are and what you do daily. 

I highly recommend this from time to time. We all need that. Not that a usual morning walk doesn’t do a little of that too, but the farther you go, the more perspective you get, and sometimes a little just isn’t enough. I know it seems like I’m contradicting myself since I spoke about “too much not being enough,” but here’s the thing, sometimes you need an outright change of heart. 

Yes, we require that from time to time, our habits fade, and our life inspiration fades with them. 

Living in a growth mentality (most creators do) makes you want to disrupt yourself now and again, to better proceed in doing your work in the world. This is what residency spaces for creators are about, too, among other things. Being away distills your whole being to the essence of what’s necessary for a productive, effective, goal-focused existence. 

And the Devil in all this?


I’m reading a book where the devil plays a vital role, speaking about perspective changes in commonly agreed-upon historical myths… More on that in another post. In short, and quite subversively as appropriate to the devil, there’s something to say about seeking these (out of comfort zone) qualities in our everyday lives. 

My point here is this, why not find ways to get perspective more regularly? Look at things with fresh eyes and a new heart… Yes, you know, that wondrous kind of devilish thing; our heart changes every day. We wake up different every morning, did you notice? 

It’s often said we are creatures of habit, and no one agrees more than me. At the same time, though, I’d like to argue that we change. We are constantly evolving; our privilege is to follow these changes and be aware of them. Follow our change of hearts.

Observing the changes 


It’s a practice of awareness, no judgment of good or bad or self-criticism. Just looking at who you are today. Noticing what changed, if you can. This is not always simple; time, attention, and intention are needed, but making this a habit, can change your life forever. 


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