What are you doing for growth daily?

Two years ago in Bansko - Bulgaria, before the pandemic, still at it every morning!

Three things I do daily


1. Meditation – first thing in the morning – something I’ve been doing regularly for the past ten years; I don’t start my day without it. It keeps me calm, focused, and kind. More and more so with every day that passes.

2. Two walks in nature for 20-30 minutes each. This makes an average of 11,000 Steps a day. Most days, I also do strength training for 30 minutes after that. This keeps me fit; it enhances my overall well-being, mobility, metabolism, and longevity. I’ve been doing this in various forms through the years but started it as a daily practice after a break (for longer distances, more steps, and two times a day) 3 months ago.

3. Daily blog writing – to practice writing. Started two months ago.

Oh yes, and one more thing I started doing recently – intermittent fasting; I won’t go into all the benefits of that here, they are too numerous to mention – I recommend this book.

Today I went for some errands in a few shops – I got great compliments in two of them just as I went in – the first was – wow, you have a fantastic face skin, what do you eat? The second was – wow, what a great smile you have!

It just shows you that it’s worth investing in your growth, but the ROI is far greater than the fantastic feeling you get by investing in yourself or even the integrity of keeping your word to yourself or, in my case, walking my talk… It simply shows on you and inspires others to smile at you, give you compliments and wonder where this comes from. Needless to say, It made my day.

What are you doing for your growth daily?


Choose three things – tiny daily habits that will make you a better person, leader, and creator. Start doing them as of tomorrow morning and commit for as long as you think you can stick to them. 

They say it takes twenty-one to sixty days to instill a new habit, depending on its complexity.  

Imagine who you want to be in 3 months from now and start doing three things a day that will get you there. 

Let me know how you already do or plan to invest in your growth in the comments below.

You can take this assessment – it will help you determine what you want to start doing!

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