Who do you want to hang out with?

Hiking together - Growing together
Hiking together is a way to grow together

These questions you hang out with


Do you know these questions you hang out with for a while? Yea, the good ones, those that bother you and don’t let go.

AJ Harper‘s question about Who you want to hang out with for the next few years is one of those for me. Since I read it, I have kept thinking about it.  And since I’ve been thinking about it, I figured out an answer I am pretty happy with, albeit not a complete one, but it makes me feel I’m on my way. 

The only thing is, where do I find this kind of people? I am a practical person, always have been. I also think it’s important. The people you hang out with can and should be a strong, positive power towards becoming your future self.

“Make progress towards achieving your goals.”


One of my goals for the near future is to find myself more and more out in nature, different kinds of nature, moving in it, either climbing or walking or running. Any of these three would satisfy me in terms of movement and growth. Ideally, all three alternating, which means I’ll be much more out in nature.

I am also a very independent person, but at the stage I am in my outdoorsy adventures, I think it will be good to have company. Unless it’s an easy hike somewhere, nothing like Jenny Tough‘s adventures, though they are inspiring, that’s not exactly what I’m looking for. 

So the company I keep is important if I want to progress towards my goals. I believe it’s like that for you too. As the old proverb goes: “Tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are.”

So who do you want to hang out with? Are these the people in your life already? Or do you need, to find them first?

“Maintain and build positive relationships”


I must confess that the last two subheadings for this post are respectfully stolen from Marshall Goldsmith and his LPR – Life Plan Review, which I am thinking of using for a while to see how it goes. Marshall Goldsmith says about the LPR: 

“I created the Life Plan Review (LPR) to close the gap between what you plan to do in your life and what you actually get done. 

The LPR consists of four steps — weekly meetings where you answer fixed questions with a partner to improve your life, self-monitoring between weekly meetings, a weekly plan review based on its relevance and your personal need, and the importance of not doing it alone.” 

The last point is the vital one and goes directly to answer the question of this post: “Who do you want to hang out with?”

I’m telling you about this because I’m looking for creative leaders who believe that creating their life according to their own design is essential. People who know their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states can be optimized throughout their life. Marshall defines these people as “successful.” I would add: knowing that succeeding in your work is a daily practice and an ongoing process for a lifetime.

Our goals change, and so do the people we hang out with. Not all of them, not always, but throughout your life, you lose friends, gain new ones, and friends, as they say, can be chosen.

An invitation


– So, would you say you are successful? 

– Do you have clear goals you’re working towards? 

– Would you say you can evolve to where you want to be a year from now? 

– Could you use help from other successful people who may have different goals but are willing to be there for you weekly? 

– Are you ready to be there every week for other people too?

If the answer to these questions is yes, let me know. 

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