"You're really only a newbie once"

Only a newbie once - creative learning
Today's branding meeting, newbie or not, we never stop learning!

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“You’re really only a newbie once” I heard this sentence today in Joanna Penn’s podcast interview with Pamela Wilson (2017), my beloved business coach. I think she said Jeff Goines said it to her when they were doing a series podcast entitled Zero to book on Rainmaker.FM about writing your first book quite a few years ago. It struck a chord with me. Why? Would be a good question I can’t answer right now? 

The best way to learn is to teach


I heard it while coming out of a branding meeting for this website, where I learned so much, it made me think that the best way to learn something is to teach it. 

So the two main points today (it’s been a long day) are these: “You’re only really a newbie once,” so when you learn something, teach it to others. 

It’s probably the best way to proceed.

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