Who can lead? By one of the world's great leaders

John Wooden - A great leader
Coach John Wooden - A human leader

Who can lead?


I am inspired. I want this post to be only quotes of this marvelous man. I am not the first or the last to praise him for who he was. He lived to the remarkable age of 99, from 1910-2010. How does that not surprise me? A real man of principles. Here are some of them concerning leadership and who can lead:

“Leadership is the ability to get individuals to work together for the common good and the best possible results while, at the same time, letting them know they did it themselves.”

Here’s an idea I still have a hard time with: 

“A philosopher is a person who meets all events, whether favorable or unfavorable, with calmness and composure.” These same traits are inherent in a leader, so he says. “A real leader is much more than a person with authority.” 

“A leader, particularly a teacher or coach, has a most powerful influence on those he or she leads… I consider it a sacred trust…it is a privilege to have that responsibility, opportunity, and obligation, one that should never be taken lightly.”

The gifts of adversity


Progress comes slowly but steadily if you are patient and prepare diligently.”

“We get stronger when we test ourselves. Adversity can make us better. We must be challenged to improve, and adversity is the challenger.”

“Adversity often produces the unexpected opportunity. Look for it. Appreciate and utilize it.”

“A person in a position of leadership must make decisions. Making decisions is a tough job. Those under a leader can make suggestions. Making suggestions is an easy job.”

No matter what you do, people around you grow if you are a leader, and you do it well. 

“Basketball is just a game, but if I was doing my job as a coach, that game of basketball would help our players by preparing them to do well in life, to reach their full potential as individuals.”

This is what the Brain Trust is aiming at. Assisting its members in reaching their ‘full potential as individuals.’ Not only in their jobs, not only in their family life, not only at certain things but in their “full potential as individuals.” 

Coach John Wooden – an iconic figure in 21st-century basketball, a leader of many, and an all-round unique human being.


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  • Eviatar Nevo

    I wish to discuss world leaders only in my response. Screening human history anf focusing ONLY on good leaders in human history results in very poor outcome of positive human leaders. The ones who come to mind are leaders like Moses, the prophets, Jesus, Gandi. Each and every one of them fought for Peace, Justice, Kindness, truth, and beauty. All these parameters are humane and leading towards humanistic goals and improving human life from a world harboring wars,evil, brutality, cheating and ugliness which unfortunately prevail througout human history. Hence the main characteristics of a good WORLD leader of tribes , populations, from small to big are the opposite goals to those filling human history with so much pain and suffering.

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