A time for recovery

The Alps
The mountains are calling, a great place for recovery

Comfort and convenience


Something has been happening to my body for a couple of days now, it demands rest as if saying: it’s time for recovery. But from what? I wish I knew. 

While doing my best to recover from this undefined malaise, I am reading Hiking with Nietzsche: on becoming who you are. A fascinating book by John J. Kaag. I didn’t know him before, but the book intrigues me. 

At a certain point, he says: “Clearly sometime in the last century, America had followed Europe’s lead in exchanging beauty and risk for comfort and convenience.” 

It struck me that I dedicated my life to beauty and risk. Now, I am recovering, trying to settle into comfort and convenience. I know it’s a temporary thing. But is it really?

Middle-age beauty and risk-taking


I’ve been secretly searching for my next adventure for the past few weeks. 

You can imagine how this unexpected malaise came at the worst time for this. I’ve been honestly plotting to go to the Alps to hike some cool trails before the new school year starts. 

There, you know my secret now. 

If this is a time for recovery, planning a hike in the Alps is not the best thing right now. It is unexpected, and more than anything else, it has me question my communication with my body

Shit happens, that’s what they say… I sometimes believe our body and subconscious work together. They must join forces if we’re not attentive and make us listen. 

What does this mean?


Could it mean that deep down inside, a part of me prefers comfort and convenience to natural beauty and risk-taking? This has always been an essential part of my life. I avidly keep reading about high-risk adventures, planning my next escape from the comfort of home.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my home, but sometimes you need to get away. Get perspective.

Find yourself again somewhere else before bringing yourself back home. 

I wonder what this recovery time is all about. Come to think of it, the mountains I am longing for, where Nietzsche’s place of recovery from the ailments of a sick society and his physical frailness.

I’ll go to rest now, but my question for you is: 

what did you choose lately: Comfort and convenience or Beauty and risk?

Let us know in the comments below. 


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