How to best collaborate with your mind
to achieve high level goals?

Collaborate with your mind for high level goals
Collaborate with your mind for high level goals Photo: Jess Zoerb on Unsplash

Your mind is very powerful, and it controls your life

Our mind, what an entity! It’s responsible for so many aspects of our operative daily life. And it seems to be doing so many things simultaneously, all on its own. We have no say in the matter. So if we like it or not, we have to keep a good relationship with our minds. 
We must collaborate with our minds closely and with great awareness, if we want to achieve or improve in anything. Our success or failure depends on that collaboration. The mind is your most significant partner in life. Creating a positive and prosperous relationship with it is the best thing you can do to succeed in achieving your high-level goals. 
“Our speed and strength depend on the body, but the real thresholds, those that make us give up or continue the struggle, those that enable us to fulfill our dreams, depend not on our bodies but on our minds and the hunger we feel to turn dreams into reality.”


Hourly check-ups with your mind

Your mind communicates with your body. Learning to listen to your physical sensations is an excellent way to start listening to the mind. Sensations like heat, cold, hunger, thirst, and fatigue, to name a few, are all communicated through your mind and create physical sensations in your body. 

While you are busy living your life, with the help of your mind, of course, these sensations sometimes creep in and may surprise us. But suppose we cultivate the habit of eavesdropping on the communication between our minds and our bodies. In that case, we may be able to anticipate certain situations and prevent hindering our concentration or the pursuit of our goals
This can be done artificially at first, setting a reminder to stop whatever you are doing every 30-60 minutes and give yourself a report of how your mind and body are doing. It takes only 2-3 minutes. Later on, it will become automatic.

My traditional daily recommendation – breathe 


When I was teaching trapeze, one of my jokes was – that the day’s recommendation is to breathe; I may have said this thousands of times during the 20 years of teaching trapeze and aerial technique. It remains my daily recommendation to everyone.

Here are some constructive instructions because breathing correctly, for better communication with your mind, has specific requirements. So while you stop to listen to the body-mind communication, you can use this very effective way of communicating with your mind: Sit and breathe consciously in and out through your nose, slowly, deeply using your diaphragm, and keep the intention of finding out what’s going on in your body and mind.

Avoid judging what comes up; just observe what’s going on. After that short 2-3 minute break, you can then decide if and how you want to handle your findings.

Write to get to an even higher level

If you want to go into a deeper relationship with your mind – start writing. You can begin by logging any repeated action you are doing, like running, sleeping, an exercise of any kind, or a recurring meeting that you might have. Then, simply log in the activity with the date and time, and create a scale of how it was in terms of how well you did in that activity. 

A simple scale of 1-5 with the grades: 
2=could be better 
3=reasonable, some room for improvement 
4= well 
5= did great

Make a note of how you’d like to do better – create a goal. Decide, before the next time, what you will be intentionally improving. See how your mind collaborates with you on this, and keep logging. Improvement will apear over time. 

Make a point of improving this collaboration daily


We’ve already seen your mind is your most important partner, creating a fruitful collaboration with your mind, will greatly improve all other partnerships and collaborations in your life. Thus assisting you in achieving your high-level goals, for which you may need more help than you know.  

Getting help from a team at work is vitally important, but if you want to get your collaboration with your mind to the next level, you could also work with a coach on your mindset, for any project you are planning. If you need any help with that, let me know.

Let me know in the comments below if this was of value and share your thoughts please.

What does your mind say?
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  • Eviatar Nevo

    Communicating with t one's mind is certainly substantial but not only with it. Minds of your dearest friends, philosophers, artists, scientists, wise people are always important when you are talking with, or deeply interacting with your mind, THe rich thoughts of people along history are very important to consider, though finally you remain with your own mind for decision making.Always try to enrich your mind by consulting the treasures oh humanity's thoughts, past, present and future. Very few people live like Robinson Cruso. We are social animals and must be attentive to wisdom throughout history. Admittedly, the basic decision making when you talk with your mind is your own, but enriched from those of others. Hope you enjoy Paris.
    Love, DAD.

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