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Take responsibility, make life easy Photo by Frank Meccena on unsplash
Take responsibility, make life easy by owning your power, photo by Frank Mckenna on Unsplash

What if you were responsible for everything?


Some say we choose to be born. Imagine being responsible for your birth, the way it went, and the parents you get. Imagine you had full responsibility for your life. Even the most annoying things you wish you could do without, imagine them to be your responsibility. What if you could change everything you didn’t like about your life?

In my Circus Company, we had a system for that, I am offering it here for free, and I urge you to try it out in your family, your team at work, or any other team you may be part of. It goes like this, every month, someone in the team would volunteer to be the one to blame for everything we faced. 

The game we used to play


No matter what happened, for a whole month, a person volunteered to be the one to blame for any mishaps that may have occurred. We started with that during our world tours in 2013-2015. We had a lot of trouble, bags not arriving, setups taking too long into the night, people getting lost in airports, payments due not arriving on time… take your pick.

It made life much more fun and so much easier to handle. Of course, we could always freely blame someone and immediately feel better, knowing they volunteered for the job and may have had nothing to do with it. But blaming them, which was the game, solved that problem—the pervasive human problem of having to complain and blame someone else for your troubles.

It immediately puts us on the problem, focusing on how to solve the real issue. This brings me to the next point.

Find solutions, not Problems


Another Modus Operandi we had in the company stated in everyone’s contract was this: bring solutions, not problems, to the table.

The idea was clear – look at the problems that come up, state them, but don’t make a big deal of them; instead, propose your solution to the problem. 

Suppose you could find the solutions to all the problems in your life. What if you took full responsibility for everything? It would give you the power to find the solutions you need for the problems, admittedly, you created.

Taking full responsibility gives you the power to control how things go in your life. Blaming other people or circumstances for your problems takes energy away from you and gives it to other entities supposedly beyond your control. 

Make life easy for everyone – take full responsibility


At the risk of banality, here’s a quote for you: 

“God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

Courage to change the things I can, and

Wisdom to know the difference.”

The serenity prayer by Karl Paul Reinhold Niebuhr

I guess this sums it up in a sense. It’s not an easy task to take responsibility for everything, and as I usually suggest, when the going gets tough, the best thing is to ask for help. Alcoholics Anonymous adopted this prayer and helped many people worldwide get sober. 
Taking full responsibility for your life is that not only does make life easier for you, as you know, but you are also responsible for finding and implementing solutions to your problems. It also makes life much easier for those around you, as you don’t blame them or look to them for the solutions you seek.
You may ask for help, but you take responsibility for everything you can. 
Take responsibility for being a reader of this blog, and share your thoughts on the matter in the comments below. 

Be responsible, share this post,
make life easier for those you share it with

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  • Eviatar Nevo

    Indeed one can consult but at the end it is one's own responsiblity for one's actions, As simple as that., Never blame others for your own mistakes, It will be immoral and unfair. Be kind to others and shoulder all your actions, Otherwise it is hypocricy

    Love, Dad,

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