Your family is your team

A Family Trip to Tanzania April 2019

Your first and most important team


The first team you get in life is your family. Some say you don’t choose it. But I believe in certain ways unknown to us, we do. We choose “our own,” and they choose us in return. Yes, there are many unknowns when a new baby comes to life, for example… A new human being becomes part of your life and changes it in ways you cannot imagine. Being able to be with these changes courageously and compassionately, finding a way to be with them in ways that work best for all concerned, that’s an art that needs to be learned and practiced daily.

Choosing your family


I did choose my husband, I’m pretty sure about that 🙂 It took me years to find him, so the choice was somehow clear when we finally met. In any case, we now have two sons and choose to educate them in specific ways. Like everyone, there were many choices we had to make along the way, we may have made a few mistakes there… But we do our best, it seems to work most of the time. 

The importance of doing your best


When it comes to family, you always do your best. The reason is that your family is your first circle support system for what you want to realize in life. It’s your team, so you do your best for each other. You cheer each other on. Right now, for example, my boys, with quite a bit of humor, hold me accountable for my two weeks test.

This means communication within your family is a foundation that needs to be cultivated. You should be able to express your truth and yourself freely. So should all the members of a family. Sometimes facts are inconvenient. Sometimes they contradict. You need to be able to accommodate. Accept, respect, and love each other for who you are and what you want to do.

Creating a space for everyone to live and thrive together


Sometimes it’s challenging, but I think this is so fundamental that we all need to make the efforts required to listen better, pay attention and encourage each other in achieving what we want in life.

When you have a family, the main focus, as I see it, is your ability to create a space where each member can grow and evolve and conditions are met for the support of each member to achieve their goals and thrive. 

That’s easier said than done. It’s an art. The art of living together. When this works well, it’s miraculous and uplifting in ways we never imagined when we started that journey together.

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