How to easily grow with your new goals in 2023

The new year - an opportunity for real change
The new year - and opportunity for real change. Photo by Elise Mason on unsplash

Your new goals for 2023


I bet you’re thinking of new goals for 2023, right? At least, I hope you do. When one year passes, and the next begins, it’s a strangely magical time. You seem to have regained the power of renewal, and your mind and heart are buzzing with new year’s resolutions.

You wonder deep down inside how long you can sustain that resolute feeling. I know that sensation all too well of not knowing if you have it in you to make it. All entrepreneurs have it when they embark on a new project.

Every time I went on the trapeze while still practicing and performing, I had that doubt. Even now, as I write these words, that little voice in my head is whispering somewhere in the background. Only this time, I know I am not alone. I have a support system to lean on. But this wasn’t always the case.

Harnessing the power of commitment

It certainly isn’t the case when you get on your trapeze, and you alone are responsible for executing your act. Nowadays, in climbing, if I complete a route successfully or not is all a question of commitment. You commit to a route, but on the way, you commit to every step that will bring you there.
Sometimes you fail, and that’s okay as long as you do your best. You’ll do it the next time, and you’ll do it better because you know what you could have done that you missed this time, as long as you commit to go for it and do your best to succeed.
As Yoda wisely said: “Do or do not, there is no try.” 

So here’s the rub, you have to commit without the guarantee of success. Can you do that? Most people don’t even try without knowing they will make it, let alone commit to something full out. But if you want to grow with your goals, that’s the best way to do it.


Enter the “period of courage”


“a lot of people have a hard time making a commitment to a goal without a guarantee that they’re going to be successful. The nature of the entrepreneur, however, is that they do it anyway and go through an uncomfortable period of courage, recognizing that it’s a necessary stage to reach their goal.”

Says Dan Sullivan, in his book The self Managing Company: Freeing yourself up from everything that prevents you from creating a 10X bigger future.

There’s a lot to say about the benefits of some discomfort for growth. We’ve all been through teenage, so we all know what that’s like. I’ve written about this here in this blog quite often. I do believe, however, in the magical power of new beginnings
And that’s where you must seize the day or the new year’s opportunity and commit before you have any guarantee. 

Only at this time of year is it as easy as making a promise and going about doing what has to be done to reach your goal. This is the easiest ‘period of courage’ you’ll ever get. Trust me on this, I know a few things about courage.

Together is better in 2023


I’d say, “trust the process,” courage is just the first part. You need it most before you start. Once you are in action, you’re in the process; trusting it goes hand in hand with your commitment to every step on the way to your goal. It can be much easier than you think, though. Let me tell you how.

Committing to a goal is much easier if you tell the people around you that this is what’s happening. This way, they can support you and encourage you on the path. Here’s what Dan Sullivan has to say about it for the entrepreneurs among you: 

“For entrepreneurs, it helps to have your team members as witnesses to your commitments as they can keep you accountable to them. Seeing your commitments and the improvements you’re making also generate an enormous amount of energy for the team and inspires them to make their own commitments.”

And I say in 2023, if you wish to optimize your performance with a small select group of courageous, creative leaders – you can apply to the Brain Trust! Yes, I am committed to making this happen. If you want to know more about it, just drop me a message here and tell me why you’re interested :

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  • Eviatar Nevo

    Life for me is full of challenges due to curiosity to better understand the world. We are surrounded by myriads of challenges since our knowledge of the world is still far from complete. The unknowns are by far greater and mysterious than the knowns. So new challenges are astronomic from all life perspectives. A holistic view of nature is still more similar to Swiss cheese than to a whole pie. Wherever we look, puzzles and mysteries are swarming and cry for resolutions and understandings. The how and why are prevailing. No shortage of riddles and mysteries to embark upon and expect to be resolved. Life is full of them in all spheres. So even if one could multiply one's lifetime, one is faced with an enormous number of mysteries. Just pick up what more challenges you and start to look into it and expect victories and failures. But never stop trying. These trials give life immense meaning. Depending on your findings, they are waiting to unfold and make you happy or sad. But never stop. Stopping trying is like a fully burned candle. Keep trying inroducing challenge and meaning into one's life,

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