The best bet for a better future can surprise you

Be present Photo: Ralph Ravi Kayden on Unsplash
Be present. Photo by Ralph Ravi Kayden on Unsplash

We all want better


We all want better, always. It’s in our nature. We always aspire for more somehow. No matter where we are in life, there’s always “better” to aspire to. The best bet for a better future, surprisingly enough, does not lie in the future, nor does it lie in the past. Your best chance for a better future is just in front of you. 

Here and now.

But isn’t it that we want better because the present sucks? Don’t we want something else because what there is, is not good enough for us? These are all valid questions, and they have their place.

If we want what there is to change in the best way possible, there’s only one starting point, and it’s your best bet for getting to where you want to go.

“If you accept your reality, you’ll feel more firmly grounded in it. You’ll be where you are and have a much better chance of getting where you want to go.” Brad Stulberg, from the book – The Practice of Groundedness.

The present of the present


We all know the present is a present. Well, not if you are in trouble or suffering from pain, discomfort, or depression, right? Wrong. Whatever your present looks like – the best and most effective way to deal with it is to acknowledge it. Look it straight in the eyes for precisely what it is. 

See if you can relate to this: 

* You cannot treat a disease if you don’t recognize you’re sick

* It’s not possible to improve your grade in an exam if you don’t recognize that you failed and need help

* There’s no solving a legal mess if you don’t look deep into its ugly details, find the solution, and get the right help for the specific problem at hand.

Your best bet in building a better future for yourself is first to recognize where you are standing clearly. How it affects you emotionally or physically, and be with the problem before attempting to solve it. The better you get acquainted with the issue, the easier it will be for you to find the best solution.

The responsibility of building a better future

Not only do we all want better for ourselves. We owe it to future generations too. Now, that’s a leap, but please stay with me. At the risk of repeating myself, I believe that whatever we are working for in the future comes from what we want to change in the present. We need to recognize the present for what it is so that we know what we’re not planning for. 

Then, when you see what you don’t want, you can deduct what you want; it’s right at the other end of that stick or the other side of the coin. Try it as a game, it’s fun, search for what you don’t want – look at it, think about what you don’t like about it, and then turn it around – what would you prefer instead? 
Once you can imagine the future you want to build, finding the best way to get there is easier. Not only for your own sake or the sake of future generations but for the sake of anyone you know and is possibly involved. 

It’s always better together

Building a better future can be challenging; we usually work with other people to do that. Once you declare to yourself or others that you are going for a specific future result, you assume responsibility for that result. People are looking up to you to see what progress you make. Every little step forward may inspire them, too, in their endeavors.
So look well into the eyes of your present and make your choice about the better future you’re committing to. Do it from a well-based observation of your present, so you have the motivation and the power to proceed and get the future you aspire for.  
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