You are your best healer

No matter the conditions, the force is with you
No matter the conditions the force is with you. Photo: Ante Gudelj on Unsplash

What’s better, optimistic or realistic?


Optimistic or realistic, what is better for your health? This is an old question. When it comes to health, there’s no separation in my mind between your body and spirit. They work together for healing. I also believe that you are your best healer. At least you possess the power to heal yourself.

The question is, to what extent are you aware of this, accept it, and if you trust yourself enough to use it?

The relation between spirit and reality is complex and is yet unknown to us. In relation to healing, it demands trusting the process and having faith in the unknown.

By that, I don’t necessarily mean faith in God, although that can help certain people. I mean faith in everything we do not yet know about the spiritual nature of reality. So, what are you? Optimistic or realistic when it comes to your ability to influence your health, or even heal yourself?

May the force be with you

I met a doctor today, an orthopedic surgeon, he was obsessed with surgery. So much so, that he was convinced he could not help otherwise. Luckily, we came in for a consultation, or rather a confirmation of what I personally already knew. That all that’s demanded is exercise, practice, and ongoing daily training. 
Luckily that doctor wore a white robe, and so his words were ever more powerful. “He had the force with him” in a sense. He confirmed what I already knew, that the force is also with us. As hard as it is for a person with a dis-ease to gather the spirits required for self-healing, the force can always be with you. No matter how bad the conditions are.
The question goes back to faith – do you believe in your power to heal yourself? If you do, then you need to find the power to lift your spirit and go about what is the best way for you to heal. 
Louise L. Hay, in her book You can heal your life said: 

“You have the power to heal your life, and you need to know that. We think so often that we are helpless, but we’re not. We always have the power of our minds…Claim and consciously use your power.”


The theory is all good but in practice?


* Well, in practice you first need to want badly enough to be better. First for yourself, then for others too. That’s not enough of course, but it’s a start. 

* The next thing would be to get all the help and support you can for the process. 

* Then consult your spirit to assess your intention, motivation, and inspiration for the process you are getting into. Search for the spiritual nature of reality, and convince yourself of the “force being with you”.
* You need to create a new mental and spiritual reality for yourself into which you wake up every morning, ready to go to work on your healthy living project. Like any other creative project, you have to imagine it first. See it in your mind’s eyes. See the possibility of improved health, and what it will look like and feel like.
* Then write down the image that you have of yourself healed. Write what you can truly see and believe is possible, don’t stretch it out to a level that it’s not believable for you. Take the time to do the writing. It’s vital. 
* Define your objectives and goals.

* Create a plan for daily training towards achieving your goals. Consult anyone who can advise you on the process. You are embarking on a training plan for healing and better health. there are experts on the matter – coaches, therapists, and trainers who know how to build a training plan based on physiology. 

* Cultivate a healthy optimism, practicing on a daily basis – looking at every tiny progress forward. Getting feedback on your process and progress, paying attention, and dedicating yourself to the process. 

* Last, but not least – become unstoppable.


May the force be with you

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  • Eviatar Nevo

    First and foremost we differ individually. So there is no universal solution. This might be the basics. All the othe outcomes depends on the individual and his or her changing mood. One has to orchestrate ones plannings following their genetics coupled with environment. Meaningful life need individual plans fitting each one's chaactristics, Good luck for finding one's own life goals and meaning,
    Keep creating!

    Best wishes,

    Eibi Nevo

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