How to get into the exclusive
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Thrive beyond circumstances
Do your own thing, despite circumstances.

Dreams of a better reality

1st November 2022, elections again in Israel, a right-wing, nationalistic, clerical coalition seems to be our destiny of governance for the next four years. I was depressed for a while. However, my father, 94 years old, kept his optimism; this too shall pass, he told me on our daily phone call following election day. If you are depressed, he went on, how will you bring the light to the dark hovering in our near future? You must thrive beyond circumstances to create a better life for yourself and those around you.

I used to belong to that particular club of people who thrive beyond daily reality and create new realities for themselves and others. I can do this, I thought. At the same time, wondering if the soul, like the body, loses metabolic efficiency with age. Hopefully not; judging by how my father handles life, this doesn’t seem to be the case. 

The blank slate of everyday


Life changes when you let it. It took me a day, decidedly not too much, to get back on track and come back here to writing. However, the last few days have given me some food for thought. I realized that every day is a potentially blank slate where you can set your intentions and start anew. Give yourself a restart, as you do to electronic devices that “have lost it” for a while.

So this morning, two days after the elections, I went out for a 5k run; it was easy, for a change. Something in me was determined to make things work despite circumstances. Here I am writing about it 🙂 Keeping the power to navigate my life as I please seemed to matter most this morning. Cherishing the freedom to choose and implement my way of living in this country became my priority of the day.

Life is a creative act

I believe this should be a priority for anyone who wishes to live a creative life of optimal performance. One cannot be like a leaf in the autumn wind, blown away here and there without direction. Minimal intentionality and vision are required to live a creative life, and if you wish to live well, optimal performance is your next best choice.
Life is a creative act. Whether or not you’re aware of it, you live it this way. What you imagine your life to be is what it will become. This sentence is worth repeating: 
What you imagine your life to be is what it will become. 
So you better imagine well. In spite of circumstances, you can create a better life for yourself. Start by imagining what you want instead of what you don’t want or seem to dread. Then think about one thing you can do right now to promote the reality you just imagined. Do this daily, and your life will improve immeasurably. 
And if you want to get into the “Thrive beyond circumstances club,” you can apply here by introducing yourself and saying why you wish to join. 

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