Practice getting to the top daily

What does your top look like?
What does getting to your top look like?

What’s your top?

I am full of ‘oof’ today. ‘Oof’ is energy+motivation+inspiration+drive
+action leading to high spirits and the joy of living. Amazing, isn’t it? That’s the top for me. If I could be full of ‘oof’ every day, I’m not sure where I’d be at this point.  So I made an ‘oof’ decision to practice getting to the top daily. 

This basically means I do my best. My best to get to this happy place, full of energy, knowing I’m doing my thing. Sometimes succeeding, sometimes less, but in general, just doing my best to live an ‘oof’ life daily.

I don’t know what your ‘top’ is, and for the sake of this argument, it’s not so critical for me. The important thing is you know what it is. So here’s the question –

what’s the top for you in your life – what does it mean, how does it feel, and what does it look like? 

Use this powerful tool you have of your imagination. Set aside what you’re doing if it’s not on the way to your top.

Close your eyes and imagine – what your daily top looks like. 

Then go about doing what you can to get there today.

Train like an athlete at living your life

Let’s be clear, you cannot get to the top of your, say, professional, personal, or health and fitness aspirations in one day. Nor am I asking you to.
I am simply saying this: Live your days intentionally towards living the best life you can imagine for yourself and your loved ones.
Train like an athlete to do that – daily. 

Keep steady progress from day to day. Practice being your best self, knowing what your life is supposed to look like, and working towards it as systematically as possible. For example, find ways to track your progress so you know if today you are doing better than yesterday, and if worse, what hinders you

Keep a log and look at the data regularly, say once a week or once every two weeks. Choose the values you go by and keep them front and center in everything you do. For example, for me, integrity is a big thing. 

I must keep my integrity to myself and others as best I can. Integrity is a challenging value to keep, but it’s definitely worth the effort, my value of freedom and creativity balances it. They dance with each other daily. Enjoying that dance and keeping the energy going through the day in everything I do, including rest and recovery or what I eat to get to the top, is crucial.


A daily top grows with you


Can you do that daily? There are many ways and methods to do that, I will not get into them here. The foundation is one:

Get clear on what you want your life to look and feel like.

Once you have that – there are many ways to proceed, I mentioned tracking your progress above. This is all easier to say than do, I get it, not everyone has ‘oof’ days so often, let alone on a daily basis. 

But what if that was your first goal? To have more ‘oof’ days in your life, to have them regularly and more and more often? What would that require? 

If you know what you want and have more and more ‘oof’ days getting there, you are on the right path

Think about it like training for a marathon, set that goal for yourself, and start training towards it.

Once you get to that goal, you’ll see your top may have moved and changed, or even before getting to it, you notice who you are, changes the world around you, and your daily top transforms its look or feel. Pay attention and tweak whatever needs tweaking to get you closer. 

If you go for daily incremental training to get to your top – who knows where you’ll be in one year from now? Can you imagine?

Here’s a real pro who gets to the top to inspire you:

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